About Us

Dave Harper PortraitHi, and welcome to our website.

My name is Dave Harper. Proud proprietor of D&S Southern Comfort BBQ

My obsession with BBQ began 30 years ago and was shared by my dad and brother.
In recent years I have had the opportunity to eat in a large number of southern BBQ joints where they do BBQ better than almost anyone. I spent a large portion of my life studying their methods and equipment.
The result is that our cooking method is the true low and slow BBQ, which means cooking some cuts of meat for up to 20 hours. This slow cooking and smoking naturally tenderizes the meat. No boiled ribs here!
We also believe in the layering of flavours, every piece of meat gets a different rub applied, smoked with hickory logs and then glazed with home made sauce made in our own kitchen.

My crew is composed of people that I trust to create food to my exceptionally high standards of quality meat, quality rubs, and home made sauces. Everything we cook and create is made from scratch using the freshest of ingredients utilizing seasonal fruits and vegetables when available.

I hope this short note has given you an opportunity understand our dedication to quality. My crew and I look forward to having the opportunity to serve you, your friends, and family. I would love to hear the words "that was the BEST BBQ EVER."

Good luck and God bless,
Dave Harper